Frequently Asked Questions

Upon your booking confirmation, we will send you an invoice for a deposit (see Book Now page for applicable deposits), which is due within one week of booking. The day before your trip, your credit card will be charged with the remaining balance and a receipt will be sent to you. If you need to cancel your trip, please send us written notification of cancellation two weeks before your reservation to receive a refund of your deposit. Deposits will not be refunded for cancellations less than two weeks before your scheduled trip.
Your accommodations will be set up at the Kwa'lilas Hotel, where they also have a pub and restaurant.
We will meet at the dock (location details will be sent to you before your trip) in the morning, normally at 6:00am, and we will go through a safety briefing. Then we head out on the water for either a half (4 hours) or full (8 hours) day, depending on the packaage you selected. We will start the day by running out to our first fishing spot, which can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. Then we will set up our gear and start fishing!
We monitor the weather closely, as our top priority is your safety on the water. If the guide determines that it is unsafe to be out on the water we will return to the dock, the trip will be adjusted to fit the conditions, or the day will be cancelled. If the day is cancelled we will accommodate a rebooking or refund.
The 2 and 3 day fishing charters include:
  • Fishing licences
  • Accommodations (double occupancy)
  • Fish processing and packaging for transport
  • Light breakfast, lunch, snacks, water, and coffee
  • Fishing gear (rods, reels, net, bait, traps etc.)
  • All of the required safety equipment for adults and children
As the old adage goes, it is called “fishing” not “catching”. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee how many fish you will catch during your trip. What we can guarantee is that we will ensure you have a safe and memorable trip, and we will try our hardest to make sure that you go home with some fish.
We will arrange for your fish to be dropped off in town at Hardy Buoys Smoked Fish Inc., where they will clean and package your fish for transport or shipping. The cost is included in the 2 and 3 day fishing packages, but if it is necessary we will help you arrange payment with Hardy Buoys.
The enclosed cabin will provide warmth and reprieve from rain or sun should it be required, but come prepared for varied weather (even in the summer). Rain gear, warm clothes and layers, waterproof shoes or boots, sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses are recommended. Additionally, you may want to bring along a camera and any beverages you would like other than water and coffee.
Tipping is not mandatory, but is much appreciated by your guide. Tipping should be based on your experience and the quality of service you received. If you feel inclined to leave a tip, anything from 10-25% is customary.